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We are currently offering 6 Months Free to our first 20 Fitness Professionals on board the platform.  We will also throw in a few bonus surprises to thank you.

10% Flat Fee on All Bookings

Once your 6 months free period is finished, we will take a nominal 10% commission on any bookings taken through Squad Finder.

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We live by making our clients happy and if you had anything less than a great experience with this theme please contact us now.

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Yes, you can cancel and perform other actions on your account via the My Account page.

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept all credit cards via Stripe to pay for sessions.   You

Are there subscription plans available?

Yes, we are working on subscription plans as an alternative to the 10% commission.  If you are interested in this method, please email Jessica

Any other questions we can answer?

We are happy to help you. Contact us